Smoke & Heat Detectors

The Hispec range of smoke and heat alarms have been specifically designed with the contractor in mind. These interconnectable detectors are supplied with a first fix base so that the wiring can be completed at the early stages of a new build or refurbishment. Once the dust has settled, the detector can simply be connected. As an added precaution, all Hispec alarms are supplied with a dust cover as standard. 

The interconnectable units can be connected within a circuit of up to 40 units in total, so when one is activated the others on the circuit become alarmed at a very loud 85db. In case of mains failure, the design includes a 9v battery which acts as a back up to the standard mains supply. 

In addition to our detectors, we offer a wireless base that works off a 'dip switch' functionality. This base can be attached to any of our alarms so that when an electrician is unable to hardwire from one smoke to another due to an obstruction, for example, then they can simply fit the wireless base and continue on.