Hispec Product Launch


Hispec have officially launched the latest addition to the 15w LED gear tray range.

This brand new addition to our range now allows for a corridor function/comfort light on our 15w decorative and bulkhead fittings. The gear tray comes complete with a microwave sensor and a pre-set dimmer with a light output of 20% when in standby mode. When movement is detected, the light will switch to 100% power.

This product is ideal for use in hotels or student accommodation. When residents step out into the corridor during evening hours, rather than being in complete darkness the corridors will be illuminated at a 20% light output.  With this product, our fitting can be on throughout the night and as soon as a resident steps into the detection range of the sensor then the lighting will power up to 100%, therefore saving on energy bills whilst maintaining a comfortable environment for residents.

This product comes with a 5 year guarantee and can act as a master unit with up to 10 slave units under its control.

Also available with a 3 hour emergency back up facility (3 year guarantee for this model).

This addition completes our 15w LED gear tray range as they are available in standard working mode, emergency mode, with microwave sensor and now in a comfort light mode.

Ian Hope (Bellerbys)3