Bargain Booze Save Money and Cut Emissions...

A Bargain Booze store in Irlam, Manchester has recently made the transition to LED lighting by replacing their original fluorescent modular fittings (using around 1200 watts of electricity) with Hispec branded LED panels (using around 650 watts of electricity).

Bargain Booze, owned by Conviviality Retail Plc, are one of the UK's leading off-licence and convenience store groups with more than 600 stores nationwide.

The Irlam off-licence initially had 16 fluorescent modular fittings throughout and decided that they needed to revamp their lighting by installing several 6ft fluorescent batten fittings with the intention of brightening up the shop floor. However, after several weeks of working in this environment, the staff began to develop headaches as a result of the new lighting and this therefore prompted management to look for an alternative LED solution.

Supplied through Harbord Electrical in Liverpool, the store installed 16 x Hispec LED panels and have in turn managed to reduce glare, improve the spread of light across their product displays, reduce their carbon footprint and slash their energy bills by over 50%.

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