Bellerby's College switches to LED!

Bellerby's College in Oxford have recently opted to cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint by replacing their existing light fittings with energy efficient LED solutions.

Supplied through Key Electrical Wholesale in Witney, three of the colleges' student accommodation buildings have undertaken the transformation by initially installing over 400 Hispec 15w LED fittings. Due to the nature of student accommodation, some of the fittings are switched with PIR sensors which will further control the efficiency and effective use of the lighting.

Throughout the college campus they have installed the LED decorative fittings in stairways, corridors and communal living areas. Some of these fittings come complete with an emergency function which is essential in the event of a loss of electricity to the building. On a purely aesthetic basis alone, the LED replacements, once illuminated, have a far superior look and light output to the 2D fluorescent fittings that were previously installed.

Bellerby's, known for their excellence in higher learning, are on track to reduce their carbon footprint by almost 50% in the next 5 years and stand to cut their electricity bills by around £12,000 a year as a direct result of this project.


Ian Hope (Bellerbys)3Ian Hope (Bellerbys)