Dedicated sales team for help & advice

The lighting project and specification division is rapidly growing for us at Hispec and was created as a direct result of customer demand.

We are well known as a distributor to the wholesale market but are quickly establishing ourselves as a company that can offer a premium range of products that have been designed and developed purely for the project and specification market. Moving forward, at Hispec, we believe that our focus on quality products, competitive pricing structure and strong warranties have left us positioned to make a real mark in this area of the industry.

Client Discussion
One of our dedicated lighting designers will liase with the client so we can establish what they wish to achieve by installing our LED products. Are they looking to cut costs on their annual electricity costs? Are they hoping to reduce their carbon footprint as part of a green initiative? Or are they simply just looking for a more aesthetically pleasing lighting solution?

Site Survey
This stage of the process allows one of our engineers to visit the site in question so they can get a better  understanding of the building’s requirements, measurements, lux levels etc… What sort of lighting is already installed? Is a retrofit solution a possibility?

Lighting Scheme Design
After the site survey has been completed, the engineer and allocated lighting designer will then work together to produce the most accurate and affordable scheme for the client.

Product Selection
The product selection is a crucial step in this process as we are usually able to present a few different options for the client, depending on what sort of atmosphere or mood they are trying to achieve. As with all designs, we deliver a competitive, practical solution whereby the clients needs are the priority.

Cost Saving Analysis
Once the lighting scheme has been designed then we are able to inform the client as to how much they will save annually on this project. It is at this point that we are also able to determine the reduction in CO2 emission levels and the payback period.

After Sales Support
The final step after our products have been installed by an approved electrical contractor is the after sales support that we are known for. Our customer service team will speak with the client once the project is complete and ensure that there are no lingering issues and that it is all up to their specification.