Surface Mounted Occupancy Detector

Surface Occupancy Detector


  • Maximum Fluorescent Load 1,000w
  • Maximum Incandescent Load 2,000w
  • Maximum LED Load 500w
  • AC Operated
  • Adjustable LUX control
  • Adjustable Time Delay
  • Identifies Day and Night Automatically
  • Power source: 230V/AC
  • Power frequency: 50~60 Hz
  • Detection distance: 6m max (<22°C)
  • Detection range: 120°(side view) 360°(front view)
  • Light-control: 3LUX~1000LUX(adjustable)
  • Time Delay  10 sec - 30mins (adjustable)
  • Installation height: 3m max
  • Power consumption: 0.5W (static 0.2W)
  • Detection motion speed: 0.6~1.5m/s
  • Working humidity: <93c/oRH
  • Working temperature: -20~40°C
  • IP44
  • Allow for start up current of approx 10%
  • Diameter: 90mm 
  • Depth: 30mm

Only suitable for switching Lighting, not suitable for switching Fans. 

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