Smoke & Heat Detectors

Hispec interconnectable smoke & heat alarms can be interconnected on a circuit of up to 40 units in total,when one is activated the others on the circuit become alarmed. In case of a mains failure the design includes a 9v battery which will act as a back up. 

A first fix base is supplied with each model so the wiring can be completed at the early stages of a new build or refurbsihment. After the dust has settled then the detector can be simply connected, as an added protector all Hispec detectors are supplied with a dust cover. The main usit is designed to keep out insects and therefore refuce the risk of false alarms. 

For regular maintenance a test buttin is incorporated with easy access. The sounder operates at a very loud 85db.

We have also introduced a range of radio frequency smoke and heat alarms to satisfy the deman for smoke detection without damaging existing decoration. This is a combined unit where the alarm hear and radio base come as one. The wireless components have been integrated into the base of the alarm which allows for the sensor to simply click onto the fast fix base making installation both simple and quick. The design also makes changing the battery a straight forward operation, with the new base doubling up as a patterss. 

The new Fast Fix range of smoke alarms ahave been specifically designed with the contractor in mind to help installation as easy and convenient as possible. 

The contractor can wire straight into the Fast Fix base which is supplied with the alarm as standard. The base does not require anyu additional terminal blocks, saving both material and labour costs. The Fast Fix base also doubles up as a pattress which maximises the savings on the product even more.