LED Decorative Fittings

The complete range of 15w LED decorative fittings, that can be either ceiling or wall mounted, are ideal for a wide variety of applications. However they are most commonly used as adirect replacement for their less efficient 2D CFL counterparts.

This product is fitted with a unique semi-opal/semi-prismatic which ensures that it produces a significantly higher light output than many of its competitors on the market today. The LED gear tray inside the fitting has been specifically designed to ensure an even light distribution, which in turn results in a more aesthetically pleasing end product. 

The product range has expanded to include emergency options, microwave sensor capability and a brand new comfort light fetaure. 

The comfort light feature allows for a contractor to specify this product in areas where the lighting needs to be on throughout the night but doesnt neccesarily need to be on at full power. The driver inside the fitting is pre-set to give a 20% light output, until movemnet is detected and then the unit will fully illuminate, saving 80% of the running costs. This feature is ideal for use in assisted living homes, communal areas of student accomodation and down hotel corridors. 

Different colour bezel options are available as a drop down option on each variation.