Due to the hard work of GO Electrical in Blackpool, Hispec’s Galloway 600×600 LED panels are now being installed in B&M bargains throughout the country.

Over the past few months, we have worked in conjunction with one of our Blackpool based stockists, Go Electrical, to win the specification of our LED panel lights across all B&M Bargains’ stores.

This is a fantastic achievement for Hispec as we offer a large range of high quality LED panel lights at an affordable price point that was deemed suitable for the national chain.

Also specified across the stores are the Hispec Xit emergency packs. These neat and discreet emergency packs will continue to power the Galloway fittings in the event of power loss. The packs are hidden from view but offer key support in the event of an emergency and will maintain a steady supply of power to the fitting for a minimum of 3 hours.